In a Climate Change conscious society, arriving at a net carbon zero operation couldn’t be more relevant. A reduction in carbon impact inadvertently reduces operational, compliance and reputation risks in the business. The empirical solution to is to ‘in-set,’ i.e. reduce the carbon footprint on-site prior to ‘off-set’ the balance emissions.

For Organisations

VNV Advisory crafted a comprehensive process for organisations encompassing carbon footprint measurement, benchmark same-sector companies on carbon performance and setting carbon reduction targets. Additionally, clients are provided a choice to ‘off-set’ by retiring the remainder emissions through our low-carbon projects located in Asia, Africa and South America.

For Events

Event organisers can now demonstrate responsibility to the planet and increase brand value by conducting a ‘Carbon Neutral’ event. This new-age approach has created vested interest among participants and sponsors alike.

Organisers can benefit from publishing an accurate carbon reduction  using internationally recognised standards; Plus evidentially ‘off-set’ the remainder emissions by retiring with one of our many projects located in Asia, Africa and South America.


VNV Advisory strongly abides by best practice  methodology that has recognition within the sector and worldwide. A selection of standards practised include:

  • PAS 2060 : Carbon Neutrality
  • GHG Protocol and ISO 14064 (I:II:III) : Carbon Accounting and Management
  • ISO 14040 : Life Cycle Analysis
  • BS 8901:2009 : Sustainable Event Management
  • BS 8903:2010 : Sustainability Procurement