Creating Value through Sustainability Consulting

Businesses that effectively measure and manage sustainability performance inherently stay ahead of others in the industry. Accelerating the transition to triple bottom line focused growth, VNV Advisory assists organizations, both public and private in embedding sustainability principles into the core of their business culture. Drawing on a decade of consulting experience, our integrated, system level perspectives allow clients to address sustainability issues that are most prudent to their operations, while simultaneously increasing economic, social and environmental value. Our team of consultants have sustainability expertise in various fields including agriculture, aviation, chemicals, cements, oils & hydrocarbon, information technology, mining, metals, manufacturing & real estate.

At VNV Advisory we spend time in understanding business operations, taking every organization’s unique agenda into picture whilst delivering customized solutions tailored to fit the client requirements. Our long term, innovative sustainability solutions help businesses reduce risk, improve sustainability, increase efficiency and maintain long term reputation and economic gains. Our approach to sustainability focuses on a “business-first” perspective – combining our technical expertise in various sectors with strategic expertise and increasing institutional sustainability capabilities. Our cutting-edge sustainability accounting methodologies and tools help businesses communicate EESG performance through systematic approaches.

“With more than 10 years of global experience in the sustainability arena, we work with organisations to monitor, measure, manage and implement sustainability strategies for long term value creation”